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The ultimate sat literature subject test study guide. The sat subject test in literature, formerly known as the sat ii. Sat and sat subject tests fee waivers student brochure. Testtaking advice and tips student for all tests sample. Sat online subject test in literature this exam is not licensed for commercial use. The sat ii literature diagnostic test results highlight how you performed on each area of the test. The score report is available online and a copy is also sent to your high. Literature, math level 1, math level 2, biology, chemistry, and physics. Sat subject tests are the only college admission tests where you can choose the subjects in which you are. There are many topics for the sat ii subject tests. Read the following poem carefully before you choose your answers. You select the subject test s and can take up to three tests in one sitting.

Over 317 sat literature questions to help you with your sat literature subject test. Start studying sat literature subject test terms to know. The literature subject test gives you the opportunity to highlight your strengths in reading and interpreting literary texts from a variety of historical periods and. Read download sat subject test literature kaplan test prep. About three weeks from your test date, youll be able to see your scores. Sat literature subject test practice test college countdown. Sat literature tests you on skills like critical reading and literary. Free sat ii literature practice tests varsity tutors. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Sat subject tests literature overview and practice the. Literature, math level 1, math level 2, biology, chemistry. The sat literature subject test is a collegeentry exam that aims to determine your ability to close read and.

Answer explanations to the literature practice questions. Sat subject tests student guide the sat suite of assessments. Choose from 500 different sets of vocab sat subject literature flashcards on quizlet. Each answer must be marked in the corresponding row on the answer sheet.

The official study guide for all sat subject tests, second edition. Sat subject literature practice test from official study guide pdf download. You can then utilize the results to create a personalized study. In each case you are to choose the best answer from those provided. The sat subject test in literature, formerly known as the sat ii literature exam, is one of the most popular subject tests. Each bubble must be filled in completely and darkly within the lines.

Explains how qualifying lowincome 11th and 12thgraders can take the sat and apply to four colleges for free. The sat subject test in literature is a onehour multiple choice test given on english literature by the college board. You will be reading poetry and prose passages and answering questions on their content, style, and meaning. Authors and works from english literature objectives.

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