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Select and download scales that meet the audition requirement for your age group and target band. Scales and arpeggios by jp dias gustavo lopez segura. They are created by interjecting one or more nondiatonic passing tones into the chord scales. The bebop scales add a chromatic passing tone to the basic scales so that strong chord tones occur on the strong beats. Theres nothing arbitrary in this system, the rules are there for sound logical and musical reasons. By simply adding one chromatic note, you can convert the most commonly used scales into bebop scales.

Bebop scales bass clef joe riposo klzzm0ywq7lg idocpub. When playing a twelve bar blues in the key of bb, use the bb blues scale anywhere in the chord. C7 bebop scale natural 7 th added c tonic major bebop scale sharp 5 th. The symbol of the bass clef is derived from the old german way of writing f. These line will consist of the ascending and decending versions mixed together. The two dots on the right of the bass clef symbol surround the line on. Jazz educations purpose is to give you the basics you need in learning to play jazz or to improvise. Jun 17, 2019 this page contains bebop scale guitar tab, fingerboard diagrams, notation and information. The strong chord tones are root, 3 rd, 5 th and 7 th on the dominant chord and root, 3 rd, 5 th and 6 th not 7 th on tonic major and minor chords.

Nov 21, 2016 the bass clef scale is an easy to learn scale that will widely improve your piano paying. May 18, 2011 the remaining three scales major bebop, minor bebop and halfdiminished bebop are modes of those first three. Bebop scales are scales which are similar to diatonic scales with an exception of additional chromatic note added between one of the scales intervals. Jazz scales and patterns in all 12 keys sheet music. Scales and modes for bass pdf in this lesson i introduce the concept of scales and modes and. Here youll find the bass clef scales the major scales with their key signatures. Access courses via the truefire app for windows, mac, ios, tvos, or android. Per someones suggestion, i have inserted the major key name. Learning jazz language can happen in a lot of different ways. C major 1 41 1 o 3 1 1 0 1 2 4 2 2 1 two octave scales 3 o 2 o 1 2 4 1 1 3 2 2 o 1 2 o 1 4 1 1 3 4 2 1 d major 4 1 4 1 2 1 1 bass 4 0. National jazz workshop a summer jazz camp at shenandoah. Introduction to the scale syllabus jamey aebersold. These playalongs stay on one dominant chord for an extended period of time. Tat all of these books are available from jamey aebersold jazz visit our website at.

These books are available from your favorite music source or visit. Here, you will find bebop scales and patterns in all 12 keys for major, minor, dominant 7th, and locrian halfdiminished scales. The basic ingredients in music are scales, chords, melody, rhythm, and harmony. Harmonic minor scale studies for bass clef, download this free booklet of harmonic minor scale studies. Report bebop scales bass clef joe riposo please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

The formula will always move this way 753bebop passing. Listening to jazz, learning solos by ear, or learning jazz standards. Major scales bass clef bass sheet music for piano download. C ocarina g ocarina click on the score to view exercises for any scale. Jazz scales and patterns in all 12 keys bass clef sheet music. Order books and transcriptions in easyto download pdf form. This collection of jazz etudes is intended to aid with the development of basic jazz vocabulary and inside playing. Dominant bebop major bebop dorian bebop melodic bebop and harmonic bebop. Here are all the major scales on the bass clef along with a printable pdf file to keep with you. Joes simple practice method will have you hearing, using, and understanding bebop scales very quickly. Print and download in pdf or midi score03634496342ea5454d7b1505be5a7f38 clarinette basse gammes bebop 1 octave.

The notes above are all natural however any of this notes can be raised or lowered a half. Melodic minor and bebop scales bass clef d4pqq2ko3wnp. Above is a terrific example of the dominant bebop scale key of bb being played. Pdf bebop scales bass clef joe riposo free download pdf. Major scales and arpeggios scarsdale public schools. When these passing notes are added to the diatonic chord scale certain notes then stand out in the scale. It has everything you need to get started or improvejazz listening lists, jazz scales, blues progressions, etc. There are other bebop scales, these scales are the bebop major, bebop minor, etc. When these passing notes are added to the diatonic chord scale certain notes then stand out in.

The bebop scales are frequently used in jazz, and deservedly got their name from their extensive use in the bebop era 1940s60s by such jazz musicians as charlie christian, wes montgomery, charlie parker and dizzie gillespie, to name a few. Youll find the scales with sharps in their key signatures first and scales with flats in their key signatures second. The early bebop players developed a system that made it easier to improvise strong solo lines. When it comes to becoming a great jazz improviser, its all about learning jazz language. It has been used by jazz musicians like charlie parker, joe pass, bud powell, etc. Each of these etudes is designed to clearly outline the chord progression so that the solo line reflects all the harmonies of the tune. Major and dominant bebop scales bebop scales are chord scales with added chromatic passing tones.

This booklet is provided free of charge by jamey aebersold jazz. The bebop scales are frequently used in jazz improvisation and are derived from the modes of the major scale, the melodic minor scale, and the harmonic minor scale. The two dots on the right of the bass clef symbol surround the line on which f pitch is written. Bass clef this handout contains exercises and pattens to help you use the minor pentatonic scale in your solos. You may find these playalongs useful for practicing minor scales, minor pentatonic scales, blues scales or other exercises. Major bebop scale ascending w octave displacements. Apr 20, 2018 download bebop scales bass clef joe riposo. The first fingering to learn for the one octave natural minor scale is fairly easy. Mar 01, 20 a short introduction to the most frequently played bebop scales. Learn minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, major and blues scales for bass guitar. Download your copy of our printable guitar scales pdf ebook. Finally, in addition to bebop scales with one passing tone, you can build on this concept and add two more passing tones to the dominant seventh bebop scale. This makes hitting those target notes much easier and.

The book called patterns for jazz aebersold product code pt for treble clef instruments, pb for bass clef lists jazz phrases based on many of the scales. All scales and patterns can be played many different ways on the bass fretboard. G7 bebop lines jeff ellwood jeff ellwood jeff ellwood. According to corey christiansen, david baker, one of the worlds finest jazz educators, named these scales the bebop scales because they were used so often by jazz artists from the bebop era. You may find these playalongs useful for practicing bebop scales, licks or patterns. Description download bebop scales bass clef joe riposo comments. Order books and transcriptions in easytodownload pdf form. Reharmonization or the practice of chord substitutions offers a straight forward explanation why modes of the first three scales can be used over the major, minor and halfdiminished chords, effectively producing the second set of scales. Bebop scales bass clarinet bass clef lexcerpts sheet.

Read them on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, and print out pages as you wish. Click here to check out our full list of ebooks over 160 titles click here for ebook download info and instructions. The formula will always move this way 753 bebop passing. But if you want some quick and helpful rewards for your time investment, learning licks is a great. Wes montgomery is on fire as always, listen and take note. Bass clef scale with images cello sheet music, cello. Bebop treble or bebopbc bass clef target and approach tones order code. Melodic minor and bebop scales bass clef free download as pdf file. Table of contents 1 all of me 2 all the things you are 3 alone together 4 autumn leaves e minor 5 autumn leaves g minor 6 beautiful love 7 blue bossa 8 blues bb 9 blues f 10 body and soul 11 c minor blues 12 cherokee confirmation 14 days of wine and roses.

Learn how to play more scales at our main scale page. I was young at the time but was hip to pentatonics so his ideas stayed with me and. Jazz scales and patterns in all 12 keys bass clef edition at. Using these youll be able to play all of the forms of this useful scale all over the neck. How to use bebop scales like a pro learn jazz standards. Celebrating excellence for over twenty years trombone bass clef audition music for trombone.

Oneoctave natural minor scale bass scales studybass. Sometimes the bass clef can be more difficult to remember than the treble clef. Wide selection of free lessons and tips on playing bass. You will want to use one finger per fret to cover the fourfret range. The project is influenced by outstanding musicians including charlie parker, bill evans, joe pass, clifford brown and others. D major scale e major scale f major scale g major scale. The flatted third and flatted second are also used often as passing tones the flatted third gives the scale a bluesy quality and the flatted second implies a diminished or dominant 7 th b9 sonority, both of which are highly. Bebop scales almost magically turn scales into jazz lines, adding melodic flow and logical forward motion to your solos. Bebop scales bass clef joe riposo free download pdf kupdf.

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