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Parker in this fanfiction favorite, readers meet delaine talbot, who willingly auctions herself off to wealthy mogul, noah crawford, in order to save her family. Shades of gray is a young adolescent book set immediately after americas civil war. Like fifty shades, it started out as twilight fan fiction, and the hero is just as rich and powerful and dropdead gorgeous as christian grey. Unrequited books like fifty shades of grey book 1 kindle edition by fukunishi, aya.

Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. If you loved the 50 shades of grey series, these are the 10 best romance novels for you. List of best books containing bdsm, erotica and romance like fifty shades of grey. The first book of the sinners on tour series is similar to fifty shades on the erotic front, but. Here are my favorite picks for similar movies just like 50 shades of grey. Lina is just like any other fifteenyearold lithuanian girl in 1941. Fifty shades of grey is a 2015 american erotic romantic drama film based on e. Youd be hardpressed to find someone who hasnt read e. Books similar to between shades of gray between shades of gray. Fifty shades of greyromancebooks like fifty shades of grey. Erotica for womenedited by rachel kramer busselthe great thing about fifty shades of grey is that it. James, a former television producer, into a bestselling author with more than 150 million. This is another trilogy you wont want to miss if you love fifty shades.

In some way this is like the 80s version of fifty shades of grey. If youve finished the fifty shades of grey series, here are some more erotic. The main character, twelveyearold william page, finds himself an orphan after the war and is sent to live. Much like the fifty shades series, a million dirty secrets also started out as twilight fan fiction. Each book focuses on a different wealthy, handsome man gabe, jace, and ash, and they feature bdsm, a whole lot of passion, crazy situations, betrayal, and more. If you like shades of grey you might like similar books the eyre affair, the big over easy, lost in a good book, something rotten, one of our thursdays is missing. Until one night when soviet officers barge into her home, tearing her family. Best mf erotic romance like fifty shades of grey not paranormal. Download audiobooks matching keywords 50 shades of grey to your device.

But fifty shades freed isnt out until 2018, and lets face it you need a fix. Reasons to breathe the breathing series by rebecca donovan. Here are 6 sexy books like fifty shades of grey by e. Here are seven sexy books like fifty shades of grey. Youve read the books, and now youve seen the first two fifty shades of grey movies. Books like fifty shades of grey for frisky thrills. Books like fifty shades of grey 103 books goodreads. These erotic books offer a much sexier and better alternative to e. But what do you do when youve read and reread all the books. I research a lot, and read a lot of books that were not like fifty shades. Fifty shades of grey is an undeniably sexy film, but its certainly not the only erotic movie out there that explores more singular sexual tastes.

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